So Here I start. Following suggestions made by Josh Kemp in his book “No degree, no problem”, I have created this blog as part of my learning experience on the road to Web Development career. I have received second hand Mac couple days ago what adds extra excitement. Amazing piece of technology, although it’s still difficult for me to switch from Windows which I have always used since version 3.1 was released. I have also ordered better broadband to my studio. Ruby on Rails is awaiting.

I am already working on Basic Prep Work on Viking Code School. It took me a while so far to get through all materials regarding how the web works etc. I have created today about a hundred of lines of commands in CLI/Terminal – only practicing. I really like it, I feel like I’m touching something powerful – spiritus mundi, although everyday matches of Euro Cup and great weather make feel sad at times. Poland got to quarterfinals – even less time remains this week then.

Anyway, just like Josh did, I have four main goals for keeping this blog going :

  1. Keep motivation
  2. Meet other coder newbies
  3. Gain better understanding of web development through posting about it
  4. Improve my English



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