It’s exciting but unsettling

For the last couple of days, I was completing next points from Joshua Kemp‘s list, including my first active Twitter account and especially Zed Shaw’s “The Command Line Crash Course”. In the Viking Code School prep work, I have finished all work around how the web works and CLI. I am starting to set up my dev environment.

All is going well, although tiny fractions start to appear in my private life… especially yesterday. I was playing around setting command in Terminal so I can open Sublime Text with a simple command like subl. It was a nightmare, and I couldn’t figure out how to set this out. Moreover, I must have messed something with home directory as CLI showed me home dir cannot be found and when I restarted Mac, Apple’s loading bar stopped at 70%. I rebooted the system in safe mode and the only reasonable option I had was to reinstall the system… and believe it or not, reinstallation was unsuccessful. Oh God,”Why do the righteous suffer?” Well, the system went on but a couple of files and settings were gone and also my Office 2012 too. I was not able to do that night anything more.

Today, I pulled myself together and had fixed the issue with Sublime Text. Neil Gee explained that issue on his blog – thank you, Neil. However, what I did was to check where subl file was located, symlinked (ln -s command) this path with /usr/local and after that I exported /usr/local to $PATH like Neil shows. Earlier on I couldn’t symlinked it with /usr/bin or /bin as it showed me I don’t have permission.

All problems overcome for the moment and the lesson is learned – I’m buying good external HDD as I can’t afford a future loss of data like it was yesterday. Also, bad news (or not good to say the least) – Poland lost to Portugal, and even Russell Crow’s support didn’t change it:(


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