Dripping water hollows out stone

I am following further lessons from Viking Code School. The past few days I spent on setting up the whole web developer environment and learning about Git.

Just like it was said in the lessons, I had no idea how many things installed… the process was entirely new to me. I have installed things like XCode, Ruby, Rails, Ruby Gems, Git… I have also followed instructions to create first Ruby app and deploy it to Heroku. The whole installing was pretty exciting part as much of it I did in the terminal which I like. I am happy it was very straightforward, as I have read many stories about how daunting task it usually is. I guess there weren’t such good resources when Josh Kemp started his adventure. I recommend this RailsBridge Installfest found in one of VCS lessons – very easy to follow with many situations presented that user may come across.  I have also played around setting up Sublime Text 3 interface, found these very helpful:

Simple Visual Enhancements by Josh Medeski

Theme-Dark Matter  – theme inspired by Tron Legacy (for fans)

ShortcutFoo – game-like challenges for speeding up keyboard shortcut typing

That’s all about pleasant tasks… I started learning Git and GitHub and this was an entirely new experience for me… staging and committing… pushing, merging, fetching commands… There was a lot to learn and change the way of thinking. After whole weekend sitting with that, I am finally grasping the logic behind that.

There are moments like that where there is so much to learn, and I feel like not moving on. I remind myself of the experience I had at Canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur a few weeks ago. Its picture is the main theme of this blog. For the first time, I felt the enormous power of nature… power not manifested that much in force, volume or vastness but in persistence. Hundreds of thousands of years of dripping water created such an astounding canyon out in rocks… Water worked patiently. I do all my best to be like water… commit to spending at least 3 hours every day on learning web development craft.


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