Design part started

I have been practising with Git for the past few days and finalising small, easy project for the Basic Prep work on VCS website. When I got to the “Test yourself” part, I have realized how much I had forgotten so had to repeat many things. I have been sleeping bit over 6 hours every day. I feel exhausted, but on the other hand, I am very excited and prefer to learn something new rather than going to sleep. However, in the end, it affects my productivity during the day.

Today, our boss from the UK arrived in Dublin, so I spent my evening out and got back around 10 pm, needless to say, drained. I work in the print room full time, Mon-Fri. My job can be very exhausting on some busy days, especially in Autumn. Whenever I have a chance, I am trying to flip through materials on VCS on lunch breaks or quiet moments in the office.

I have now entered Design part, which is basically about User Experience – UX. Yes, another discipline created by this fast evolving technological world. In the 90’s one could publish any website depending on his taste, needs, etc. Today, good websites are the effect of examination of customers behaviours, carefully chosen strategy to answer their needs with a design enhancing the subjective experience.

UX is a very first stage before the whole website is designed and developed. It is like architecture stage preceding construction of a house. This is not my first encounter with UX as I finished my second semester at the local college a month ago, and it was one of the modules. I am now half way through to get my MSc in Applied Digital Media. One more year to go.

“My road”

A quick recap on my plan. I work to finish all prep work modules by the end of July. This is when I apply to Viking Code School – Flex Programm. I will start with 20h/week programme. In October I start my third semester of college – this is when I cut my time for Web Dev course to 12h/ week for three months. The third semester is about Web Authoring, Multimedia Programing, and Server-side web – so very in the line with what I am expecting to go through with VCS. These three months is what I fear the most. In January I will switch back to 20h/week programme once I finish all my exams in college. The last 4th semester is only writing my Master’s dissertation – which will be web application I have in mind and VCS will come very handy to accomplish that. This means I will graduate around July in college and finish Viking Code School in September the latest. Josh Kemp said about eight moths needed to get into web dev position. In my scenario, it may be April 2017. I will do all I can to make this month be an absolute deadline. This is my schedule of the road to Web Development position.


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