UX Teardown of twitter.com

I’m following a fantastic tutorial about UX design on Viking Code School website. Here is my assignment one of three – a short analysis of Twitter UX.

Following Wikipedia definition, “Twitter is an online social networking service that enables users to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets“. ” The same source states that Twitter had 310 mln monthly followers in March 2016!

1. What are business goals?

  • Boost engagement (number of tweets, replies, mentions)
  • Increase followers growth (or websites with “t” buttons)
  • Adjusting frequency of tweeting

(source: http://www.engagor.com/blog/top-3-social-media-marketing-goals-for-twitter/)

2. Who is the key user?

Younger and middle age users, living in the cities, employed and probably with average or above average salary

3. What is that user’s number one critical goal when using the site?

Share a thought, observation, a discovery of an interesting article, video, etc. and follow interesting topics

4. What is likely to make that user’s experience particularly positive?

  • The easy and quick sharing
  • The easy and rapid searching interesting of topics
  • To be up to date with news from chosen topics

5. What is the approximate information architecture of the site?

Here is a typical IA for users who are signed up for Twitter.

Information ArchitectureScreen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.00.17

6. What is the flow through that architecture for the user who is accomplishing the critical goal you identified above?

Typical Navigation Flow

Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 16.16.48

In most cases, from my observation, people either search for topics or flip through people’s tweets.

7. What styles of navigation are used? Do they answer the key questions (Where am I and how did I get here, Where should I go next and how do I get there?)?

  • Straightforward and clean navbar reduced to critical few button
  • Shallow architecture makes easy to find way back
  • All the buttons and CTAs and feedback are clearly marked
  • Trends are not too obvious – some abbreviations indicating perhaps interesting topics but are they the most popular? Quickest growth in tweets? – if so is it quickest in a day or hour?
  • “Who to follow” section doesn’t reflect exactly what I may be interested in, not even says anything about category, etc.
  • Lack of advanced search, i.e.,. Categories, most tweeted messages doesn’t help in finding tweets related to my interests

8. What key interactions does the user have? Are they clear and usable?

User can either click buttons, people’s icons, tweets, etc. – all these are clearly described

9. What did the site do well to allow the user to accomplish his goal effectively, efficiently and with good satisfaction?

  • Simplification – let the user tweet quickly as well as flip through tweets relevant to subjects he is following
  • Tweets wall is in the center and takes most space – this is, however, the main reason to visit the page
  • Tweeting window clearly shows a number of signs remaining to use
  • Easy to find information as who follows me, who am I following, who likes my tweets etc.

10. What did the site do poorly when allowing the user to accomplish his goal effectively, efficiently and with good satisfaction?

  • as the newbie, I couldn’t understand what are the # signs and had to google it as couldn’t find it on Twitter
  • the main page is clearly addressed to advanced users
  • I couldn’t figure how to paste link, so it’s showing thumbnail
  • I wanted to look for things to follow but as I couldn’t recall certain subjects/categories, twitter wasn’t helpful either

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