Facebook replication

It took a while (6 days) to finish this project. It also took countless corrections, relearning the material and unavoidable frustration. Anyway, this is done now, although not to my greatest proud. This is an example of my work using only basic CSS and HTML markup, basic principles, etc., so the website is not as responsive as the professional one, however very very accurate to the original mockup presented by Viking Code School. I am happy and relieved. Along with the website pictured below, I have also finished the Sign Up page replica, Friends page and Newsfeed website, all available under below link and in my repository.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 22.48.03


I have spent this all weekend studying (about 14 hours). I’m just finishing Codecademy Ruby for beginners. I am also reading Chris Pine book which goes very well – I have just finished chapter 7. The book is very well written and easy to follow, explaining small things like small letters have a greater value than the capital letters so this is why “adam”>”Xanax” while letter X is greater in value than letter A, letter a is greater than A. There are many similarities to Python, but also differences. I feel also I need to sync more with this new way of translating logic into language than when I was learning JavaScript . I soak with the logic of the Ruby language and my head with spinning around now with the amount of various material I have gone through.

My goal is now to finish this last block by the end of the coming week. Once I have done that, I will work out the best routine before college kicks off back again in late September.



4 thoughts on “Facebook replication

  1. Hey Dariusz,
    Congrats on all your progress! I’m not sure if you just mistyped it, but I believe that all capital letters come before lowercase letters in ASCII code. Meaning “Xanax”<"adam". Minor thing! Thanks for the blog it really inspired me as I was moving through the prep work as well. I just finished too!


    • Hi John,
      It’s a pleasure to meet Viking classmate. I once imagined that the first comment will come as a sole compliment… well life is to surprise and I want to adjust to what it brings. Thank you for your comment and pointing this mistake… don’t know what was going through my head at that time. I better try to clear my mind before the next post. I corrected the sentence. Good luck with the course John!


      • I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that as a criticism, I was just trying to help! You’ve helped me tons! Even if just knowing that somebody else was going through all the prep work with me. Thanks again! Good luck with the course! Congrats on signing up!


      • I see my sense of humor doesn’t translate to screen and neither do emoticons ( 🙂 ). I meant to add smiley face instead of dots (…). I really appreciate you comment. I hope to talk to you soon when on the program:)


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