Finished coding block

Yesterday I made all the coding challenges from the last assignment at Viking Code School page,  including Counting Game and then finally applied for Flex Program with Viking Code School. There are three different programs, and I wanted to start with the Standard path and in October switching to Basic one for few months when I will have college running back again. I have scheduled the call with Erik from VCS on Tuesday, and I am going to discuss the best way in reaching my goals while compromising with the college course at some stages.

Also on Tuesday I am attending my second Ruby Ireland Meetup here in Dublin. It’s going to be filled with two presentations about programming in a browser with Elm and the way talks were published at the Web Summit. It’s going to be interesting evening.

I’m now struggling with writing a program that would generate new Roman Numbers out of provided integers between 1 and 3000. I spent about 2 hours on coding and corrections only to realize my understanding of the problem was wrong. The challenge is from Chris Pine book, chapter no 9 (page 68). I’m going sleep now. Tomorrow another working day, but I feel will be ready to attack the problem tomorrow with utmost success. it goes without saying that I do not want to look at the solution supplemented at the back of the book.


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