The second stage of the road

I wonder where to start. I feel excited and… apprehensive. I sense that a big challenge is coming. For about six weeks I was working through all the blocks of materials on Viking Code School website. This meant full-time work, studying over weekends and after work for over 21 hours a week and carefully planning space for meeting with friends without whom I wouldn’t get here on my own. This got me into a daily routine, new habits and one goal kept me going – to get to the Viking ship.

Here I am now – on Viking ship. There is plenty of work before me which I got used to, but this work is now of collaborative type. This is one of the reasons I choose to study with Viking Code School; to learn web development and work together on projects. Another challenge will be to deal with one of the very limited resources – time.

I signed up for Standard path for two months now which will suppose to take at least 21 hours a week. In late September, I am starting my 3rd semester in college where I am expecting to have three different modules – each taking about 8 hours a week of classes, and later with much more for working on projects. This is where I plan to switch from Standard Plan to the Basic one. Nevertheless, the time pressure, pair programming and perhaps complexity of some subjects are the greatest tests will come to face.

As for the last few days, the biggest highlight was the chat with Erik Trautman. It was a very stimulating meeting… with the fact I reached my first goal and finally met him, I felt like a kid on Boxing Day. I am officially starting my course on Monday, and I am going to meet my mentor then. All teamwork will be done through Slack and Google Hangouts – the same tools that Scrum teams in my client company is using – and it is very respectable organization.

An interesting coincidence happened the same day. I went to a local Ruby Ireland meetup where I met William, a man who looks after Facebook Study Group | CodeBuddies & TOP which gathers developers going through the Odin Project – the one that Erik founded. Moreover, I found a post on Williams blog great solution to the problem I was struggling recently – Roman Numbers.

In the spare time like on lunch breaks (summer is quiet in the office) I spent on doing some coding on really addictive website Code Wars . I have completed about six different challenges so far. The great thing about the website is that it forces to build code starting from building tests first – TDD.

Now I’m going to spend next three days on going through last few chapters of Chris Pine book and do the recap on the prep work I did so far. I regret now I won’t have time to finish all the Exercises from the book, but at least starting to get why Class.class gives Class in return :). I have Ruby, Rails, Git all set up with my Bash. Almost ready for Monday.


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