I’m a Viking

Yesterday I was officially greeted in  Viking Code School having scheduling session with Erik and another student. The further path looks as exciting and well organized as the prep work series, if not more. Of course, on top of that now I have access to other fellow students and mentors on Slack, access to support during specific office hours. In the first stages of the program collaboration with students is not an essential element but very encouraged.

The next block is expanding knowledge of CSS into CSS3 and HTML into HTML5 and adding new concepts like SASS or Bootstrap. I cannot say much yet about my progress as I have literally just before midnight started reading new materials. I am meeting my mentor on Thursday evening, and I hope to finish the first minor project, which building a simple website. After completing whole four web pages of Facebook earlier in the Prep Work, this doesn’t seem too complicated; however, there are some new elements in CSS like Media Query, Box Sizing, etc. which implementation is necessary and still new to me.

After gaining access to the next few blocks of material, I was enthusiastically flipping through further lessons. So after that, the road lead through Ruby – from basics to Object Oriented, and TTD Ruby – RSpec. The great thing Viking has is the rhythm at which course is organized. There are no revolutionary jumps in pace; rather a tempo with many steps forward, few backward after so the created links between neurons are getting stronger through this repetition.  I’m so eager to learn as much as I can now, but again, time is so limited.

I got an email from my college this morning; they want me to register for the second year soon. I have a bitter feeling about linking Viking and my postgraduate course with full-time work. I got a reply from Program Director in college, saying that deferring the coming year means I may come back to the course not in a year time, but even after two years as the modules are shuffled throughout different semesters. I can’t figure out what to do as of now. However, this means, I have to switch soon from the Standard path of Viking course to the Basic…

As for the past few days following my last post until yesterday, I honestly admit – I didn’t do much. I couldn’t get through modern Roman Numbers challenge and felt like would be worth just to take a rest before the future effort. I hope to publish some parts of my new project I’m starting tomorrow.


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