“Test First Ruby with RSpec 3” and life challenges

Last week I was facing ordinary life situations, and I admit – progress was not as impressive as before. I stuck for a while on the project – Test First Ruby with RSpec 3. The whole delay started on Tuesday – for about 4-5 hours I couldn’t figure out why the rake command doesn’t work. It was essential to start this small course which is another project in Viking. I was sharing on Slack various behaviours hoping someone had come across something similar. My problem puzzled everyone that tried to help me. Just before midnight, one of the engineers in Viking figured out the cause. What a bizarre bug/issue! Whenever I typed rake command, CLI spit out lines with “Loading Error.” I forked the repository correctly, I have installed rspec as instructed, I have created a hello.rb file with an adequate method in it to avoid common loading error… and still the problem prolonged. It occurred that I shouldn’t have cloned the Github project into folder: Viking Code. This seems like nothing unusual, but the spaces in the name of this folder were causing the issue. The rake command was reading the folder name till the first space in the name just as if it was folder names “Viking.” Changing the name into Viking_Code – sorted out the issue.

On Wednesday I started pushing solutions, from exercises 1 to 5. I was happy with my progress, especially sorting out the Pig Latin challenge I felt was a big success. I found myself stuck on Thursday… I realized I need to start digging into lessons about classes as it’s my weak point (classes are the next subject after the RSpec mini course). I managed to push about three more challenges after that.

Again on Friday, I paused with progress – I had to stay at work until 10 pm and help my college with large printing request. That Friday took away a lot of very precious time. I managed only to push one more exercise on Saturday; Cleaning, laundry, shopping, dinner made half a day flew in a blink of an eye. I also met few friends to “untask” the orientation of my mind.

I spent most of Sunday on reading about classes and managed to have completed 10 out of 15 exercises. Moreover, timetable in college was announced earlier last week and from now on every evening on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I have classes at college. The outcome is pretty clear – I may not have enough time to devote to the Viking course. I can push like that, but I am asking myself – is it worth to do so much at the expense of my health?

Tonight I have just finished my first class in college – Multimedia Programming as they call it, which is mostly about coding in p5.js. It is amazing JavaScript library that one can easily create with animations on websites, graphic designs with high interactivity triggered by ie. click of a mouse, a sound or even movement in front of the camera (almost like augmented reality). It is powerful and very exciting stuff as you can see from these examples.

Overall, the truth, however, is bitter. There is too much going on. In these circumstances I have two options: I can either defer the college course or quit my job. The second is a scary scenario and very risky. It would have been easier to swallow when being able to find a non-paid internship as a junior web dev. This way I could at least feel of doing progress. The first scenario, however, means I will be able to go back to college in about a year and a half, which feels like a neverending story, but may as well upskill my Viking skills. I haven’t made final decision ye. I am still looking at my options and trying to see how I feel about it. I want to make up my mind by the next Monday. This indecisive limbo is very unhealthy.

To be continued…


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