The third (edited) stage of the road

I continue where I left off. I have made my decision – I am deferring my last year of college. It wasn’t an easy decision. It means I will be able to come back to College in 1.5 years, the structure of the program may change, and credits per each module may change as well. However, this way I can put more attention to Viking School. This is the beginning of the third stage – edited, as previously I hoped I would be able to compromise Viking with College.

Now, I plan this stage will take up to mid-February. I have already scheduled my google calendar with all activities: laundry, cleaning, work, shopping, workouts, time for friends, etc. Believe me when I say this schedule is packed pretty well. I want to spend 4 hours studying on Mon-Fri and about 5 hours on Saturday and Sunday. The fourth, following stage, will be about advanced projects with Viking and be hunting for the new opportunities – but this is enough for now about this far future.

This week was another low of my activity at Viking due to the above indecision, the evening spent at local Ruby Ireland meetup, classes at college (I wanted to see what I am losing by signing up the deferral letter), unable to succeed in the Test exercises with RSpec and bad news from my family. Going back

So I will like to go back through that list in retrospection. It occurred this week that my dad is seriously ill. The news hit me hard and instantly I felt sorrow and powerlessness. He is in the hospital now, and it will be next couple of days until I will find out if his condition allows for treatment. I am optimist nevertheless.

As for RSpec exercises, I stuck on creating an extension to Fixnum class in Ruby that would allow me to translate integers into names i.e.,. 123.in_word => “one hundred twenty-three.” I decided to go with pure integers, division, and modulus instead of using arrays and string. I think I spent about 6 hours already and can’t figure out how to change numbers above 20. I have published my problem on slack and hoped to move on tomorrow with someone’s help. I am moving slowly deeper into Object Oriented Programming.

As for college, I attended a very exciting class about web development which is about PHP and MySQL. I thought MySQL wouldn’t be that interesting. I am an advanced user of Excel which is my favourite part MS Office package and also have an experience in MS Access. It is very uplifting to see these familiar concepts in MySQL – starting from definitions and tools to how tables are created and data operated. Thankfully with Viking, these lessons are not lost.

As for the Ruby Ireland meetup, I have met nice people who helped me to make decisions this week. The main topics of the meetup were VIM – yes this old school editor and Websockets for advanced participants. I also come across this interesting comparison of VIM and Sublime Text. VIM seemed to be very unfriendly to me as a user at the beginning, but I need to admit it has its advantages.

This is it for this week.  I hope to present much more of my work in the following posts.


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