Hi, my name is Darek. I was never sure about what career I would fit into. The road of finding answers lead me through Economics, Accounting, Sales, Printing… even a small part about cooking included. There was a lot of despair on the way due to this uncertainty.

Once, I stumbled upon an ancient saying -“One finds a goal at thy source”. This basically defined the answer I was looking for. However, without friends and their support, I would not have come far. I love solving problems and express myself creatively. I believe Web Development will be the perfect tool to do so.

Welcome to my blog. I am doing this being inspired by Josh Kemp story… I start here – the road of learning web development from scratch. I want to keep a proof of my achievements¬†for my future motivation . I’m also amending to myself for all those everlasting walks around a mountain without even getting near to its peak. I work hard as my goal is to become Junior Web Developer in 8 months from now (26th of June 2016).